The Aims of Science at Ravenshall

Throughout the school we aim to offer an exciting and dynamic science curriculum designed to stimulate the interest and enthusiasm of our students.  Science is a core subject that demands a dynamic approach to make it interesting and challenging. Therefore, we always strive to make it as practical and hands-on as possible allowing students to investigate experiment and have fun finding out about the world within which they live.

We aim to teach skills such as thinking scientifically, investigation, co-operation, teamwork and resilience

Primary Science:

In the Foundation and Primary classes, the pupils are supported to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding to make sense of their world. This involves providing learning experiences where pupils can explore and investigate objects and materials, learn about change and patterns, similarities and differences, and question how and why things work.

Secondary Science:

Students learning within Key Stage 3 follow a creative curriculum based on that prescribed by the National Curriculum. We aim to offer many opportunities to learn in a variety of styles including facilitating workshops with outside agencies. For the students in Key Stage 4, we either teach to AQA Entry Level or Unit Awards.

Awe and Wonder:

We have developed a space for Awe and Wonder, primarily for Science education but of great value throughout the curriculum.  We hope to unlock creativity, imagination and enthusiasm for learning by encouraging thinking and sharing ideas and stories. We aim to encourage curiosity in the modern world and to think scientifically about how it works.

Cross-curricular Themes:

In Science, we often make links with other subjects including Art, PSHCE, Geography, History and RE. All the work we undertake is underpinned by the use of mathematical and language skills. We work hard to foster and promote positive Speaking and Listening skills incorporating teamwork and co-operation. We encourage students to work in pairs and in small groups to facilitate this type of learning.

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