We are very excited to announce that our building developments are now well and truly underway. After several months of planning and organisation, a team of builders arrived to begin work on our planned developments of three new learning areas and a workforce development/training facility.

The school’s Leadership Team has worked very closely with planners building contractors to ensure that building work could continue in a way that ensures everyone’s safety as well as maintaining the day to day running of an outstanding school. Pupils and staff have adapted extremely well to the changes in routines and procedures.

Phase 1 of the project got underway in the Summer holidays with several pieces of plant machinery and building materials arriving on the schools site. So far, foundations have been dug out for one of the learning areas and the workforce development/training facility.

The builders are aiming to complete the work on these two rooms by Christmas, before starting on phase 2 of the project in 2022.

We’ll make sure to keep you posted as things progress.