Mr Swaine – Key Stage 4 Leader

My name is Mr Swaine and I am the Key Stage Leader for Key Stage 4. In Key Stage 4 I am part of an excellent team of staff with a strong emphasis on teamwork. The enthusiasm and expertise of teaching, support and inclusion staff help provide an outstanding curriculum encompassing a wide range of learning opportunities for all pupils. Pupils in Key Stage 4 have the chance to improve their all-round skills and gain the confidence to take on challenges after year 11. This is delivered through a traditional type curriculum with specialist teaching by staff further extended by a Pathways provision to focus on pupil strengths. As staff, we place a high premium on teamwork and positive relationships which we actively promote to all class groups and Key Stages. Overall our young people are constantly changing but are constantly the focal point of everything we do and like our school ethos we emphasise that we are all different, all equal and all important.

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