Our Class Curriculum

Summer Term 1


Our topic question this term is:

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In R.E. the topics are ‘Resurrection’ and ‘Miracles’. This will extend on the work we have been completing prior to the Easter break. The children will also gain a deeper understanding of what a miracle means and have the chance to learn about some of the miracles performed by Jesus. The children will be able to retell religious stories and we will be pushing them to make links between what they have learned and their everyday lives.


What Happens In Our Class?

Welcome to Primary 2. We have 8 pupils in class this year. Our teacher is called Mrs Beth Turnwood and we are supported by Mrs Lisa Harrison (ETA), Mr Liam Wardell (ETA) and Miss Louise Blagbrough (Nursery Nurse).

In Primary 2 we follow a semi-formal learning approach, with lots of opportunities for hands-on exploration and play. We have themed topics every half term that we learn about, please see our planning page to find out what we are currently learning about. Parents can find out more through our Dojo class story where we will post photos about what we have been doing in class.


The School Day

Our classroom provides us with lots of opportunities to work together in small groups and learn through exploring the world around us. We have our own outdoor area which supports our physical and social development, as well as being great fun! We love to learn outside, we have forest school sessions and spend lots of time cooking in our class mud kitchen. We also enjoy learning in the Sensory Room, ICT Suite and The Zone from time to time.

On Monday we visit the Playgym– this helps to develop our confidence and gross motor skills (and its lots of fun!)

On Tuesday we have a dough disco and we develop our fine and gross motor skills.

On Wednesday we have PE and VLA.  VLA is when another teacher teaches us a different skill.


In English we will be working hard to ensure all our phonics sounds have been learnt and that the children are able to apply their phonic knowledge to their reading and writing. We will continue to build on our sentence writing skills by studying fiction and non-fiction texts. The children will also be challenged to use a range of conjunctions, punctuation and sentence starters to extend their learning.


In PSHE we will be following the Journey in Love syllabus. As the family is a child’s first experience of love and loving relationships, we will be focussing on knowing and understanding that we are growing and developing as members of our own families and God’s family. Through discussions and activities, children will be able to understand human growth and development within their family. We will also have opportunities to build on previous RE knowledge through discussing what makes us members of God’s family.


History: As historians, we will:

Look at how Dewsbury and Filey have changed throughout the years.


Geography: As geographers, we will :

Identify seasonal and daily weather patterns in the United Kingdom.
Research Filey coast and compare to Dewsbury Town.
Be able to find Yorkshire on a map of the UKLook at human and physical features of Filey.


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Design and Technology

Design Technology: As designers, we will:

Be able to design and make a beach hut.
Be able to evaluate our work stating what we like and dislike.
Carefully select different materials.
Be able to use a variety of equipment.
Be able to use junk modelling materials.


In Science, we will be learning about plants. This is a really enjoyable topic and will link really well to the overarching theme of ‘the seaside’ as the children will have the opportunity to research what plants we can find in a rock pool. Furthermore, the children will gain a deeper insight into common wild and garden plants.

Physical education

Physical Education (P.E.) – For this half term PE is on a Wednesday morning and a Thursday afternoon.  After the Summer half term holidays, P.E. will be on a Monday morning and a Thursday afternoon.

Please ensure your child has a white t-shirt, blue (or black) shorts and a pair of pumps for indoor use, which they should leave in school at all times. As an optional extra, a dark coloured pair of jogging trousers and a jumper can also be worn when we are outside.  All P.E. kit must be labelled clearly with your child’s name.

In addition, if your child has pierced ears, if you could remove them on each morning of P.E., that would be appreciated. We are not able to remove them or cover them, so this will result in your child not taking part in our P.E. lesson due to health and safety reasons. Long hair must be tied back.  If your child does not have their P.E. kit in school you will receive a text message to inform you that they need it for the following week.

As the weather is due to get warmer, children may bring in a water bottle and wear a plain blue / black hat when outside.


Computing: As coders, We will :

Use technology safely and respectfully.
Look at treasure maps for debugging.
Using 2Simple to programme Bee-bots.
Create own map of a beach to programme a Bee-bot to find treasure.
Look at algorithms.
Look at instructions.
Compare tempo and beats.
Listening to music related to the underwater world.


Art: As artists, we will:

Use a range of materials to create a lighthouse.
Use our pencil and painting skills to create a seaside landscape.


Music: As musicians, we will:

Look at a variety of instruments.


This will continue to be handed out on a Friday and will be collected back in the following Wednesday.

Children will have independent reading books which will be.

School Trips

To support Year 1 with their topic ‘Why do we love to be beside the seaside?’, we will be arranging for the children to visit Filey

regarding any problems/payments

Any Questions Please just ask.

Get in touch with school admin to create an appointment.

Keep up to date with events at

Important Dates to Remember

Throughout this course of this term, we have many activities for you to look forward to.

It is important that if your child is involved in any of these events, they are prepared, have all necessary information and resources to fully appreciate the event.

Monday, April 23rd

FofSP  * St. George’s Day  (Non-Uniform)  50p a child / £1 family

Thursday, April 26th

Parents Invite: EYFS & KSI Celebration Assembly    14:40 – 15:00

Tuesday, June 5th

School re-opens

Tuesday, June 5th

Schools Interfaith Week starts

Mon 11th to Fri 15th June

Year 1 Phonics Test Week
& Year 2 Re-check

Thursday, June 14th

Parents Invite: EYU & KSI Celebration Assembly 14:40 to 15:00

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