Design and Technology is a popular and valuable subject for pupils at Ravenshall School. Knowledge and understanding is drawn from across the curriculum and helps to develop and enable numeracy, literacy and communication skills that can be applied in practical ways. This consolidates skills from other lessons and reinforces learning with positive outcomes.

With an emphasis on safe working and using a range of hand tools, specialist machinery and equipment, we aim to provide students with an opportunity to manufacture products, across a range of technological experiences. These include Food Technology, Graphics, Electronics, Resistant Materials and Textiles. Initially pupils will be given essential Health and Safety lessons and in Food Technology pupils will be educated in hygiene.

Throughout a variety of fun, yet challenging Focussed Practical tasks and Design and Make projects, pupils will be able to develop problem solving and technical ability and learn appropriate ‘Key word’ vocabulary, whilst making end products from a wide range of materials to take home.


The Technology experience at Ravenshall aims to offer students the opportunity to develop personal, design, make and life skills promoting life-long interests they can enjoy beyond school.

We have adapted and differentiated the 2014 National Curriculum standards for Design & Technology to suit the needs of our pupils at Ravenshall, into the four main standards which are:

  • Designing
  • Making
  • Evaluating     
  • Technical Knowledge

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