Communication and Social Interaction (CSI)

‘The well-planned programme of communication and social interaction lessons provides opportunities to learn about different religions and cultures and to promote fundamental British values. Pupils are helped to understand their place in the local community, consider local and national political issues and to develop tolerance and respect for those who are different.’

(Ofsted, February 2019)

Communication and Social Interaction (CSI) is taught daily at 2.20-2.55pm to all pupils by their class teacher. During CSI the following activities also take place:- Key Stage assemblies, celebrating successes and achievements, language and communication games, Makaton sessions, singing and signing, reading, BBC news round, circle time, class buddy system, discussions/debates, pupil voice,  team building activities through sport and recording Dojos.

There are 6 key themes, one per half term. The table below outlines which topics are covered at each Key Stage.

Note: – RPE is taught within ‘Topic’ in primary and KS3. Elements of RPE are covered in KS4 via ASDAN PSD, Personal Progress and whole school Drop Down Days.

The table below shows curriculum coverage in CSI for the academic year 2020-2021.

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